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Important Information/Eco Reset

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I think Apache got a good point here because when you donate lets say $100 you not only get 100 points but 50 points bonus.


I just read this:


If you have donated for example 50$: you get 50 $ in name + potentially 50$ in scrolls + a bonus of 15 points so another 10 in bonuses (we forget abt the 5$ here, why? that's a fire cape, deal with it :')


So after donating you have a total of 110$ in your name.


After the reset you will get 110 dp + a 50 dp bonus (100$ package).


So you get more then double the dp then what you donated for. Which is a bit much imo.



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Sparc blac

Sparc blac

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can everyone stop suggesting ideas, 

no, admins are not going to buy items from people to 'control prices'

and no the economy will not be flooded in the future,


after this reset, all prices and quantity of items will be easily controlled and the economy will be more enjoyable and items will be worth grinding for, as of now, instead of grinding for a tsotd we can just buy one for 600m from the pos.


after the reset it will be worth grinding

The only problem with this is tsotd has no price value so you lose it in the wilderness automatically :(

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    Rock Crab (level: 13)

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Here, shouldn't be my job to remember what you said for you. Plenty of other ways to state your opinion without offending someone, it's really not that hard to not call out an idea without blatantly calling it stupid in front of the entire community. Hope I "made your day."




-Turd (who even says that anymore?)



Looool ur even turdier for quoting me on something i said in a completely different topic



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Looool ur even turdier for quoting me on something i said in a completely different topic


I can't believe you're so dense that you completely missed my point lmao. You're such a meme. I may as well give up it's like trying to talk to a stick of celery.




Pker Omg

Pker Omg

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Stop crying now EVERYBODYY!!!!
It's done !

It will not do a rollback.
And now shut the fuk up!





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 wish pets were kept like you said they'd be. used to actually like getting pets, don't no more. 

 lost jad pet on main, and wildywyrm pet on iron.  <_<

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Sorry, i saw an opening that just screamed 'ATTACK', so i did, ha! | Power up to win.

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