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Welcome To Simplicity

Simplicity-Ps is the top runescape private sever rsps of 2016-2017. Simplicity already has over 300+ players online and is the fastest growing rsps ever! We have a smooth and content packed game that everyone enjoys.

Come play the best runescape private server of 2017 and start your next adventure of the new year! Join our active community and have the time of your life on Simplicity-Ps the top rsps currently out!

Game Features


Cerberus & OSRS Content

Fight against the wild Cerberus in Simplicity for a chance at OSRS items! Along with cerberus, explore all the other 07 content and features Simplicity provides! We aim at a server mixed with up to date osrs content along with pre-Eoc content
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Drop Previews & Pvm

Explore the various bosses and their drops that are spread around Simplicity. Get a very unique preview of their rare drops when you teleport to their location. Simplicity offers a great variation of enjoyable pvm.
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Player Owned Shops

Ever wanted a stable Market? Use the player owned shops to easily trade with players among simplicity. You can search for items or usernames and purchase and sell items online or offline!
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